Sell more books
with smart links

Turn more clicks into sales. Take readers to the right book store, in the right country.

1. Create a smart link
We search for your book in Amazon, Itunes
and Google Books, and build the link for you.

2. Use the link when promoting your book
Include the link in your marketing campaigns.
Like Twitter, Facebook or your website.

3. Customers are redirected to the right store
We check what devices your customers are using,
what apps they have installed and where
they are from.

Use One Link for Amazon, iTunes and More

Your smart link takes customers directly to the right store, like iPhone users to iTunes and customers with the Amazon Music app installed to Amazon.

Destinations to Amazon and iTunes are added automatically. You can add any destination you want, like Barnes & Noble, Kobo or your own website, by editing your links.

Redirect Your Customers to a Store in Their Country and Language

Linkredirector detects the location of your customers and redirects them to a store in their own country. Take customers from United Kingdom directly to instead of

Earn More with Affiliate Programs

You are not only promoting a book, you're also promoting a store. Get paid for any purchases by someone you refer, by using an affiliate program.

Set up your affiliate codes once and Linkredirector will automatically add them to all your smart links. The right code, for the right country and store.

Automate with our API

Do you have a lot of book links on your website? Turn all of them into smart links with our API.

Links in Action

It's Really Simple to Get Started. One Click and the Rest Is Done Automatically.

Professional marketeers still have full control and lots of configuration options to optimize sales.

Let's build your first smart link

Take it for a spin! Enter the URL to your book and we'll generate your smart link automatically.