Sell More Books, Music and Apps.

Bring your customers to the right store with one smart link.

What happens next?
· Linkredirector will search for your product in all iTunes and Amazon web stores.
· A smart link is created that analyzes visitors and redirects them to the most suitable store.
· You can use this link to promote your product more effectively.

Why Will I Sell More with Linkredirector?

Sell Where Your Customers Do Their Shopping

Iphone users are more likely to order your product from Itunes while someone using an android phone probably isn't.

Redirect visitors directly to the store associated with the device they are using with a link from Linkredirector.

Speak the Language of Your Customers

Increase the chance of selling your product by presenting it in your customers native tongue.

Linkredirector detects the location of your customers and redirect them to store with the right language.

Can Your Customer Buy from That Country?

Don't send Germans to a store in the US, they aren't likely to buy your product there! Linkredirector helps you redirect customers to a local store when possible.

Is It Really Free? Whats the Catch?

Yes, it's completely free.

We get paid by Amazon and iTunes when a customer we redirect to them buys your product. To achieve this we insert an affiliate code in the URLs. This does not affect the customers experience or your royalties in any way.

A Few Words from Our Happy Customers

"Linkredirector simplified the way how we do marketing for our cross-platform games in Social Media, more importantly it has improved click to install conversion by 23%"

Alexey Sazonov

Sales and Marketing Director, HeroCraft

"Promoting our app on online with Linkredirector is easy! We can post one link that takes our customers directly to the right app store."

Bernard Berus

Co-founder, TickTickTickets

Other Benefits with Linkredirector

Use one smart link

Send customers directly to the right store based on device, location and more.

Update your links at any time.

Change the destinations and rules after you have shared your link.

Get detailed statistics in real time.

Understand what phone models and operating systems your customers use.

Give It a Try!